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Sheet List

With the Sheet List Add-in, you can create a Sheet List for a drawing document with a click of a button. The table will be placed on the first sheet in the drawing document and you can place the table where you like. The table can be updated after sheets are added, removed, renamed, or re-organized. If there is already a Sheet List present on the first sheet, the app will reuse the table and not create a new one.

How to use:

The Sheet List Panel is located in the Annotate Tab in the drawing environment. In the panel there are two buttons, Create/Update and Configure. The first time the app is used you will need to save the settings you will want for your sheet lists. Clicking the Configure Button will allow you to choose your settings and save them. The settings are saved as a per user basis on the computer the add-in is installed on.

To create a sheet list, click the Create/Update button. The Sheet List will be placed in the center of the first sheet. You can move the table anywhere you want on the first sheet. The next time you click the Create/Update button, it will reuse the table that was already created.